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To me, this was an amzing cult of people. Anyone could worship any god or gods of their chosing. You could go to one place and their main diety was one god and then travel to another location and they are devoted followers of another diety. They all got along. Religious tolerance was abundant. People had freedom of choice."They worshiped gods that were beautiful to behold, luminous beings that walked the earth, guiding the human race to paradise." These gods were more than celestial beings, they too had everyday encounters as their human followers. The ancients Egyptians were biographers, poets, chroniclers, narrators and fablers. Their gods were always within their reach. The stories are everywhere, written in stone. As the ancients attained more information about their gods, they could inturn better relate to those around them and their enviroment. As the North American Natives, they learned through nature. Every diety was a product of their enviroment. They were in my opinion, the masters of the universe.